Rules Committee – Insure that the State Party Rules and the Local Party Rules are authorized and followed, provide general oversight to the County Party.

Chair: Jason Colella, [email protected]

Vice Chair: Bob Carter

Members: Tony Moulatsiotis, Will Snyder


Membership Committee – Soliciting members for the local party and State party, contact with members to maintain memberships, along with organizing our database of members and presenting membership status at monthly meetings.

Chair: Daniel Hess

Vice Chair: Kathy Hess

Members: Pamela Lynk, Mimi Rankin


Precinct Organization Committee – Assisting in identifying and promoting individuals to run for precinct delegates, along with facilitating precinct delegate training.

Chair: Marianne Harris-Darnell

Vice Chair: TBD

Members: Pamela Lynk, TC Nash


Communications Committee – Management of our social media, website, and twitter accounts to maintain communication with members.

Chair: Jason Colella, [email protected]

Vice Chair: Branden Gemzer

Members: Penny Schuyler, Charlie Fairchild, Will Snyder


Budget, Finance and Fundraising Committee – Assist in establishing a budget for the County Party on a yearly basis, including establishing a budget for supporting candidates, along with aiding in organizing fundraising activities designed to benefit the County Party and the Candidate recruitment/support.

Chair: Bethann Rahn

Vice Chair: TBD

Members: Susie Hughes, Janet Thomas, Branden Gemzer, Steve Keglovitz


Candidate and Screening Recruitment Committee – Recruit candidates, vet candidates, aid in candidate campaigns.

Chair: Terry Sabo

Vice Chair: Will Snyder

Members: Tim Demumbrum, Bob Carter, Bob Wright


Youth Affairs Committee/Young Dems – Recruit and facilitate the encouragement of gaining young democrat members, encourage their assistance on campaigns and fundraising efforts to promote local candidates.

Chair: Tyjuan Thirdgill

Vice Chair: Wesley Wilson